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ABC's Stephanopoulos pushes back on Buttigieg's tax increase claims and debt reduction plan

2020 presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg refused to directly say if he would raise taxes on the middle class if elected president, and was challenged on how his plans would affect the deficit, during a Sunday television interview. "Can you guarantee that a President Pete Buttigieg would not raise taxes on the middle class?" [...]

Norquist & Gleason: Fate our nation's most important taxpayer protection measure hangs in the balance

The 2020 presidential campaign is dominating media coverage, but in just a few days, on Nov. 5, the voters (not a poll) of the battleground state of Colorado will determine the future of the nation’s strongest and most effective tax and expenditure limitation measure, known as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). [...]

If prosecutor convinces a grand jury Trump taxes reveal alleged crimes, it would be unprecedented, Judge Napolitano says

If a New York City prosecutor finds evidence of an alleged crime in President Trump's tax returns and is able to convince a grand jury, it would be unprecedented for America's courts, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano. Napolitano claimed Monday on "Your World" that much was true because the 2nd Circuit [...]

Years of scandals, investigations, and lawsuits bruise police morale in Louisville

Two former police officers in Louisville, Ky., are in prison. The mentorship program they used to sexually pursue minors is no longer operating. Months after their guilty pleas, though, the city’s residents still wait for an honest accounting of the department’s investigation into the officers’ crimes. The Louisville Metro Police Department initially [...]

US sanctions 9 in Iran supreme leader's inner circle for 'repression, torture, terrorism'

The U.S. Treasury announced Monday that it had sanctioned nine Iranians who are among supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's inner circle for "advancing Iran's radical agenda," a move that seeks to block funds to those who "oppressed the Iranian people, exported terrorism and advanced destabilizing policies around the world." The sanctions [...]

Bill Bennett: Bill Gates is right, Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare-for-all' plan is 'crazy'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's, "Medicare-for-all" plan is crazy, former Secretary of Education Dr. Bill Bennett said Thursday, arguing the middle class will see big tax increases if the 2020 Democratic front-runner's plans are ever enacted. Speaking with reporters in Iowa this week, the Massachusetts senator claimed that billionaires alone could potentially fund her $52 trillion [...]

Key Dem indicates Warren's wealth tax has little chance of passing House

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax wouldn't have support among the House committee responsible for drafting the policy, a key Democrat on the committee suggested. Democrats have reportedly been weighing alternatives to the wealth tax proposed by Warren as part of her attempt to convince the public she could fund her massive "Medicare-for-all" [...]